Thursday, 29 April 2010


We often get asked why we publish - alongside books of which ours is the uniquely current edition - titles which are readily available from other publishers.

Although the rehabilitation of 'lost' works is the driving force behind the Capuchin project, we have always felt that the imprint ought to become established in such a way that readers might like to possess the Capuchin version of already well-known classics, either because they were collecting our series, or because they admired our presentation of particular books.

Interestingly, some of these books have sold in quantities which compare very favourably with any title on the Capuchin list, the most popular being Dracula, Plain Tales from the Hills and Gulliver's Travels.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering my question, David! That's really interesting to hear and I'm glad that you sell fairly equal amounts of copies of the more available titles as you do the rarer ones. A sign of quality products!