Monday, 12 April 2010


I was amused to learn, via The Bookseller's e-newsletter, that the popularity of Stephanie Meyer's vampire series Twilight has, according to The Daily Telegraph, led readers of this series on to more traditional gothic literature, and especially Wuthering Heights. The article says:
Citing BookScan data, the newspaper points out that before the first Twilight book came out in 2005, Bronte's novel sold 8,551 in one year. However, after Harper Collins reissued Wuthering Heights last year, with Twilight-inspired cover artwork and the tag-line: "Bella and Edward's favourite book", this figure peaked at 2,634 in one week and totalled 34,023 during the year.

It seems we, with our collective ears ever attuned to the zeitgeist, are publishing our own version of the novel in a timely fashion.


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Mad Housewife said...

I love Wuthering Heights and enjoyed the Twilight books. If Twilight can lead to Wuthering Heights, more power to it. Catherine and Bella are opposites, though: Bella is passive and a victime until the last book, while Catherine is confident and a leader

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