Friday, 23 April 2010


Apologies for the delay since the last post. This was partly because I had been preparing for and then attending the London Book Fair on behalf of Capuchin and our sister publisher, Stacey International.

Eyjafjallajokull's fallout hung heavily over what is usually a highly international gathering, with many overseas visitors being understandably unable to attend, and meeting schedules being drastically reduced as a result. The positive consequences included being able to move around Earl's Court much more easily, waiting less than half an hour for a coffee and the excitement (I-Spy style, if you remember those books) of identifying foreign visitors, as cries of "I've got an American / African" (etc. delete where applicable) rang through the air.

Some amazing stories of determination and courage emerged, including that of a South African couple whose itinerary included a taxi ride from Lisbon to Paris, but there was a generally eerie, deserted atmosphere about the whole affair.

The latest batch of Capuchins: Scenes from the Latin Quarter; The Green Child; The Knot of Vipers and Wuthering Heights; have now burst out of their packing crates and are winging their way to bookshop and domestic shelves across the globe.


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Hannah Stoneham said...

I am pleased to hear that the coffee queue was reduced - but yes, the world feels very strange without any planes...

Thanks you for sharing this post - I have just discovered Capuchins and am looking forward particuarly to Scenes from the Latin Quarter...

Bon weekend!