Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Thanks again to Val Hennessy and her splendid Retro Reads column in The Daily Mail. On April 30th Val featured our newly released edition of The Knot of Vipers, by Fran├žois Mauriac. In this novel the author - a Nobel Prize winner from 1952 - explores the family and the Catholic soul with profound and moving insight, telling the story of an embittered man setting out to leave a poisonous letter to his family as his legacy, and examining and revising his feelings in the process.

Although most of the Capuchin books are by British authors, we're keen to include suitable titles from foreign writers who deserve a wider audience in English. Several publishers have carried out very fine work in recent years to produce attractive new editions of such literature, helping to coax British readers into a better awareness of writing from other countries.


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