Monday, 22 June 2009


Our thanks to Ivan Wise at the TLS for an intelligent and complimentary review of Cashel Byron's Profession. Bernard Shaw's fourth novel is, says Wise heart a political novel, an expression of deep discontentment with with the running of society. Shaw, who had become involved with the Fabian Society during the period of the book's publication, briefly features an African King, who cannot understand in a visit to London why "such a prodigiously rich nation should be composed chiefly of poor and uncomfortable persons toiling incessantly to create riches."

Other themes featured in the book are the New Woman and the status of boxing and those who practice it.

We're just waiting now for a review from The Boxing Times which says "A knockout read from a writer who knows the ropes...packs a real punch."


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JRSM said...

OK, I have just read and thoroughly enjoyed Vercors' 'You Shall Know Them', but I have a question.

The sopyright info suggests the book was originally published in french. IsDid Vercors translate it into English himself, or did he write it in English eventually. You would never have known from internal evidence that it was by a French writer, I suspect.