Saturday, 6 June 2009


Spousal literary recommendation can be a sensitive area. My wife's less than positive reaction to Kurt Vonnegut has left deep psychic scars, and on the whole we don't share enthusiasm for a wide range of literature. She did, however, recently recommend a book which I'm enjoying, and which continues the theme (see a previous blog, on Jose Saramago's book Death at Intervals) of the misbehaving dead.

Set in Sweden, and written from the perspective of several characters, Handling the Undead describes what happens when the recently deceased come back to life, in terms of the effects on people, society and (amusingly) the bureaucracy of the area in Stockholm in which this phenomenon occurs. The author - John Ajvide Linqvist - also wrote Let the Right one in, in which he brings a similarly quirky, somewhat philosophical approach to a classic horror trope, namely the vampire. This is, as the culturally attuned readers of this blog will know, now a major film.

After this, I'll have to embrace something less grave-oriented, and take the literary equivalent of a cleansing shower. Suggestions welcome.

Be careful out there.


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