Friday, 12 June 2009


The recent hiatus in my blogging activity is largely due to my attendance at the Library Show in Birmingham and the preparations attendant thereto.  This was a fascinating event, the emphasis on which was very much on non-book products and services.  Of the stands visible from ours, by far the busiest was that of a company manufacturing ecologically sensitive tote bags, which can be customised with the identity of individual libraries or other organisations.   Successive waves of librarians descended gleefully upon this place, fondling and admiring the products with an excitement which was explained to me as the opportunity to generate an extra income stream, but which I strongly suspect has more to do with a widespread and deep-seated bag fetish.

I had several conversations with people about the Capuchin Classics and the books belonging to our other publishing half, Stacey International.  One of the most potentially fruitful encounters was - ironically - with a very nice woman from Kensington and Chelsea libraries, who works a (fairly hefty) stone's throw away from our office.

Being a keen observer of cultural and sartorial phenomena, I observed that the majority of visitors were female, and that a popular clothing style among this majority was to combine a short, bright printed dress with tights and boots.  Almost none of the males was dressed this way.

Take care, and use your local library.


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