Thursday, 27 May 2010


Firstly, apologies for the blogless vacuum of the past couple of weeks; I have to plead the general pressure of work as the cause. I hope you blog consumers are still out there.

I've recently read and greatly enjoyed two series of children's books written by Christopher Priestley. The 'Tales of Terror' books are supernatural gothic (albeit somewhat ironically so) stories in the grand tradition, featuring grisly murders, unquiet spirits and mysterious narrators, while the books starring Tom Marlowe are delicious 18th century murder mysteries in which young Tom and his Sherlock Holmes-like mentor track down the perpetrators of ingenious crimes. The Marlowe books are full of wonderful period detail, very stylishly written and imaginatively plotted. The elegant, concise illustrations that enhance the experience of reading these stories are also the work of the author.

One often reads somewhat pompous comments by literary reviewers condemning the practice of adults reading books for younger readers (these pronouncements were especially prevalent when a new Harry Potter came out), but I have always, and will, as far as I can tell, continue to derive great pleasure from books of all types for all ages.

I've reverted to grown-up reading now, and will tell you all about it next time.


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