Tuesday, 12 January 2010


I'm currently repairing one of the many holes in my classics knowledge by reading Austen's Emma. Part of the motivation for this choice was that my wife and I had enjoyed a recent television adaptation of same, and I was curious to see how the two versions compared. I found, however, that having the images from the series still reasonably fresh in my mind assisted my enjoyment of the book, in that it mitigated the problem - which I often have with novels of this period - of remembering the identities of and relationships between the characters, and also where they live.

The bonus to having these deficiencies in one's reading history is that one can belatedly discover the elegance and ingenuity of a supreme prose stylist such as Austen. Capuchin Classics' version of Wuthering Heights, which emerges later this year, will be the perfect incentive to re-read another great work that I have only read once. And yes, we did see a recent t.v. series.


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A Bookish Space said...

I have made it one of my bookish resolutions to read more classics this year. Emma is one of many classics that I haven't read yet, although I have no reason for this seeing as I own the complete novels of Jane Austen. Wuthering Heights has also been sadly neglected by me.