Friday, 15 January 2010


Later this month, we publish our own splendid edition of Greenmantle by John Buchan. Set during WWI, this novel continues the story and involves some of the characters from The Thirty-Nine Steps, as Richard Hannay and his trusty friends investigate the mysterious titular figure and an attempt by the Germans to rouse the Islamic world in support of Turkey. This is a plot which has obvious modern resonances, as well as being engrossing in its own right and, as with all of Buchan's novels, brilliantly written.

The richness and scope of Buchan's life and achievements are breathtaking and exhausting by any standards, and included editing The Spectator, being an M.P., and holding Directorships in Reuter's and Thomas Nelson's the publisher. This is not to mention his having over 100 books published, including some 40 novels, highly-regarded classical and biographical studies and (naturally) a manual of accountancy. His life and work are admirably chronicled and explained in the official John Buchan website.

Although he is not now regarded as a particularly fashionable author, Capuchin is proud to add Greenmantle to its roster of publications, as a piece of fine writing which also sheds light on the state of the world during a crucial period of history.


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