Thursday, 21 January 2010


The daily purgatory that is commuting by train is currently being leavened by Gryll Grange, which is proving a delightful and amusing read. I thought I'd share the views of one of the characters on newspapers, as they are beautifully expressed and as relevant as ever.

For, let us see, what is the epitome of a newspaper? In the first place, specimens of all the deadly sins, and infinite varieties of violence and fraud; a great quantity of talk, called by courtesy legislative wisdom, of which the result is 'an incoherent and undigested mass of law, shot down, as from a rubbish-cart, on the heads of the people';....burstings of bank bubbles, which, like a touch of the harlequin's wand, strip off their masks and dominoes from 'highly respectable' gentlemen, and leave them in their true figures of cheats and pickpockets...

The book will be released in a couple of weeks time.


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