Tuesday, 9 November 2010


Apologies for the long gap in posting; again, the pressure of grown-up work has been overwhelming my blogging intentions.

My attention was cheerfully drawn today to an article in The Guardian on the topic of saving endangered words. Savethewords.org, an offshoot of OUP, offers concerned lovers of rare linguistic specimens the opportunity to 'adopt' words and reintroduce them into - as it were - the wild of everyday speech.

Some examples given in the article are:

Oncethmus - The loud and hard cry of a donkey
Suffarcinate - Pack tightly
Weesquashing - Spearing of fish or eels by torchlight from canoes.

My own favourite underused word is

Poodlefaker - A man who seeks out the company of women (often for
selfish reasons).

Over to you.....


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JRSM said...

An archaic word for foreplay, 'firkytoodling', has a certain charm.