Monday, 8 March 2010


In a typical gesture of marital unselfishness about which my humility almost forbids me to speak, I recently accompanied my wife through a dvd viewing of The Proposal. The film, starring 2010 Razzie (worst film) and Oscar award winner Sandra Bullock, depicts her character as a ruthless, workaholic publishing executive, whose company is lodged in a huge skyscraper and whose working life is defined by glamour and high technology. This reminded me of the publishing environment portrayed in Bridget Jones, which conveyed, although on a smaller scale, a publishing house equally draped in chic, and made me yearn once again for a film set in a small, relatively unknown publishing enterprise, where sometimes stuffing envelopes for an afternoon or finding a working stapler can seem the height of glitzy excitement.

As I recall it - which is very dimly - there is a more credible, somewhat chaotic depiction of our trade in Italo Calvino's If, on a Winter's Night.... and probably in many other books about which I am ignorant or have forgotten.

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