Monday, 29 March 2010


The advance copies of the four March Capuchins arrived at the office recently, to the usual twitters of excitement and joy. This is possibly the most exciting moment of the publishing life cycle, when the considerable efforts of everyone involved in the conception and gestation of a new title are manifested in physical form.

Due to a slight delay in production (I think the printers' boy ran off to sea) the bulk copies won't be released until mid-April, but here's another preview of the Fantastic Four.

Two blistering and hugely influential French novels: Scenes from the Latin Quarter and Knot of Vipers, are beautified by the Capuchin treatment, and, from this side of La Manche, Herbert Read's eerie, mystical fable The Green Child is accompanied by our very own version of Wuthering Heights.


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A Bookish Space said...

It must be so exciting when your new books come in - oh to work at a publishers. Wuthering Heights looks wonderful and a reminder that this is another one I should read soon.