Monday, 8 February 2010


I had the good fortune at the end of last week to travel to Oxford on business, which gave me good cause to visit the bookshops in that city. Wandering round the Classics section in Blackwell's Broad Street flagship store, I was enthralled by the range of books, authors and editions on display, the tidiness of the shelves and tables and both the patience and expertise with which the staff dealt with sometimes very involved customer enquiries.

It was pleasing to see that this wonderful space was far from innocent of Capuchin Classics, and gratifying to see the recognition of the brand by the bookseller to whom I handed some free copies from the latest batch.

In a climate of increasing doubt about the state and future of 'traditional' bookselling, this visit was a reminder of how well it can and should be done.


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Rob said...

That must have been somewhat reassuring David. Although, I do stumble across your titles fairly often in the bookshops here in Scotland. So Capuchin Classics spottings aren't a rarity by any stretch.