Friday, 19 February 2010


A comment on my recent blog about e-readers brought a response from Lucy, to whose charmingly entitled blog, At Night, my Little Lamp and Book, I journeyed and which I have added to the blog list here. I was pleased to discover that Lucy had compiled a top 5 of Daphe du Maurier novels that included The House on the Strand, a strange, bold novel based on a time-travel premise and with the trademark du Maurier characterisation and psychological insight, which is far less celebrated and known that it deserves.

Back to e-reading, I was very amused to read an article by Charlie Brooker (a self-confessed 'techno convert') yesterday that observed, among other points, that, whereas with conventional books, many of those around you can see, and will judge you by, what you're reading, e-books are obviously anonymous. He goes on to warn, however, that:
right now they'll judge you simply for using an e-book - because you will look like a showoff early adopter techno-nob......until at least some time circa 2012.

The debate continues; your comments welcome.


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Lulu said...

Brooker, as usual, makes a good point. However, I still dream of the day when a tall, dark, handsome stranger on a train will introduce himself to me based purely on the fact of the book I am reading. For this reason, I LIKE showing off my cover! Unless it's an embarrassing cover, as I mention in my blog (IN my blog or ON my blog?)...