Wednesday, 13 April 2011


The always stimulating Desperate Reader blogger has posted a thoughtful review of The Unbearable Bassington, by 'Saki'. For her perspicacity and taste, we may eventually forgive her for having read the out of print Penguin version rather than our edition. Although it is not an index of quality generally recognised by the world of culture, this book belongs to the relatively small pantheon of those enjoyed equally by my wife and me. As I wrote in an earlier, blog, the contrast between the cynically sparkling tone of the bulk of the book and the very powerful ending, is hugely powerful and affecting.



Elaine said...

I am sorry to say that I am also reading the Penguin edition! Have just started it and already am quite beguiled by its style. When I review, I shall link to Capuchin

Elaine said...

Here is my review of the SAKI which completely bowled me over. Please note that I have mentioned Capuchin several times. Another gem