Wednesday, 11 August 2010


At Capuchin Classics, the design, appearance and physical qualities of our books are as important as the texts themselves. Until now, each of our covers has borne a black and white line drawing by Angela Landels, whose unwavering eye for selection and detail have in no small way helped to define the Capuchin brand, and to make it succeed. Her work, and the Capuchin design, have received many plaudits, ranging from a feature in The Independent to highly favourable remarks on the respected ‘Caustic Cover Critic’ blog.

Beginning with the batch of titles to be published in March 2011, we have opted to intermingle Landels’ covers with those of Candida Thring, and also to introduce colour, as you will see from this striking rendition of the more primal member of the Jekyll and Hyde partnership, from our March 2011 edition of this seminal novel.

We hope you enjoy the work of this new cover artist.



Hannah Stoneham said...

I really love Angela Landel's drawings but this looks equally striking especially for the book in question. Looking forward to seeing more.


A Bookish Space said...

I agree with Hannah above about the merits of Angela Landel's drawings, which I also adore. I'm looking forward to the addition of covers by Candida Thring. The cover for The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde really reflects the mood of the novel!