Friday, 22 August 2008

The Green Hat

We are delighted to see more positive opinions on Michael Arlen's The Green Hat, this time coming from fellow-blogger Random Jottings. 

Those of you of loved the book as much as Random Jottings (and me) might also be interested in knowing that the novel was adapted first into a play, and then, in 1928, into a movie with Greta Garbo, called A Woman of Affairs.


Anonymous said...

totally intriguing book - once I had got into the style I loved it.
On another note, I had an email exchange with your new marketing manager recently and have lost all those emails as I have changed ISP and heaven knows where they have gone. I did ask if it was possible to have a copy of Green Dolphin Country as it is one of my favourite all time reads and I would love to review it for you. Would be grateful if you could pass the request on and let me know. Many thanks

Giulia said...

Yes, she remembers you - she will get back in touch, and we'll be happy to send you a copy of Green Dolphin Country (along with something else too, possibly!). Is your email address still the same?