Monday, 14 July 2008

A Journey Around the Blogosphere

Back in the days when we didn't have our own blog, we were nonetheless keeping track of our fellow bloggers' comments, ideas and discussions on our books. 

So, before anything else, here are our belated thanks to all those who enjoyed our books and were kind enough to tell the web about them:

  • Back in March, in the middle of the Hesperus week, stuck-in-a-book Simon found out about Capuchin Classics. His interview with our chรขtelaine Emma Howard can be read here, and makes for an excellent introduction to our series. We also really enjoyed Simon's reviews of Michael Arlen's The Green Hat (particularly the "witty treacle" metaphor!) and of Pamela Hansford Johnson's An Error of Judgement. 
  • In April, the bookaholic Dovegreyreader was impressed by An Error of Judgement; she also anticipated our publication of her "old favourite" Green Dolphin Country by Elizabeth Goudge, which has since then come out with a new introduction by best-selling author Eileen Goudge (you can get the new edition here).
  • In his blog for the Times Online, Peter Stothard, Editor of the Times Literary Supplement, mentioned our new edition of Bram Stoker's Dracula - and, more specifically, the new introduction written for it by award winning broadcaster, journalist and author Anthony Lejeune. Download it here to find out more about Bram Stoker's interest in Irish actors, Sheridan Le Fanu's "dreamy tale of Lesbian vampires" Carmilla, and The Sublime Society of Beef Steaks.
We can't wait to hear more from the book-lovers' online community, and we hope that this blog will provide the opportunity for a many good chats on the books we love (as well as a chance for you to tell us about that one book you have desperately been looking for and would like to keep alive).


StuckInABook said...

Thanks for alerting me to your new blog - I look forward to reading updates, and thanks for the link to my Capuchin reviews. My Kipling went off with a friend, who used it for her History Masters, so I must find out what she thought.

You said at the outset that you'd look for reader recommendations for reprints, didn't you? I always tell people about Miss Hargreaves by Frank Baker - utterly, utterly wonderful. If you want a more specific 'sell', let me know, and I'll act advocate!

Giulia said...

Thank you for bringing up Miss Hargreaves! I've been interested in the book myself since reading this article by Brian Sibley

I am definitely going to take notes of all readers' recommendations that might fit our series, and bring them to editorial meetings - I'll keep you updated on this one.

Anonymous said...

Delighted to see you now have a blog and will link to mine. You very kindly sent me a copy of the Green Hat and it will be read and reveiwed soon I promise. Delighted to see Green Dolphin Country is published.

May I say that I totally agree with Simon recommending Miss Hargreaves by Frank Baker. Wonderful book and would fit your style very well, in my humble opinion.

I would love to see some books by Marcia Davenport reprinted, particularly Lena Geyer, a fictional life of an opera singer, but littered with references to 'real' people that you sometimes wonder if she really existed. I have an out of print copy on my shelves and feel it is long overdue for reprinting.

Giulia said...

Thank you, and thank you for linking us! I'll make a note of Marcia Davenport's book, as well; I am a big opera fan myself, so it sounds interesting...

Looking forward to hearing your opinions on The Green Hat - and/or Green Dolphin Country.